Dermatologists Recommended Foundations For Acne Prone Skin

Should you wear foundation when you have acne or acne prone skin? This is a point of concern with most of us.

On the one hand we want to cover-up our acne spots and hide blemishes, but are also worried that using a wrong foundation can clog up our pores and cause existing acne to flare up more (even worse, trigger a new crop of pimples).

We have checked up this point of concern with many dermatologists. There million dollar advice: “ If we’re not removing our make-up before going to bed at night or cleansing properly then that’s a serious matter but foundation itself doesn’t block pores or causes acne to raise their ugly heads – provided we are using good foundation, which is especially meant for acne prone skin.

In this regard we talked to the some top-notch skin specialists about the ingredients that are offenders and what you should look for while choosing foundation for acne prone skin. Here is all the information that we gathered:

Foundation Types That You Should Not Use On Acne Prone Skin

(i) Heavy Or Solid Foundations: It’s tempting to use pancake or stick foundation to cover up the acne and pimples, but your skin needs to breathe and heal – even while concealing spots and blemishes. The main perpetrators here are the ingredients that are used to keep these two types of foundations to remain in solid or semi-solid form.

As per Dr Anjali Mahto, consultant dermatologist at Cedars Dermatology, London: “Thick, long-wear foundations potentially tend to block your skin pores more.”

(ii) Stick Foundations: They ought to be avoided because acrylics are used in them as binding agent.

Dr. Mahto warns that you should steer clear of this, as they are more likely to clog pores and worsen oily, blemish-prone skin’s woes.

(iii) Alcohol Based Makeup Products: Alcohol can be extremely drying and irritating – which in turn causes oil glands to go into overdrive and trigger allergic reactions and acne flare ups in no time.

The alcohols to be watched can be in the form of ethanol or ethyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol, methanol, denatured alcohol, SD alcohol, and benzyl alcohol.

When you see one or more of these at top of the ingredients’ list, it means they are of too much concentration to be troublesome for acne-prone skin.

(iv) Bad Fragrance Based Products: Although a nice-smelling product is always alluring, but there also some irritating and sensitivity fragrances, which can be problematic for oily, acne prone skin.

What Makes The Great Foundations For Acne Prone Skin

To get mattified textured complexion, I recommend the oil free foundation formulas, which list water as their main ingredient. Avoid makeup products, which contain oils such as coconut oil, vegetable oils, almond oil, coco butter, or mineral oils.

Oily formulas can clog pores and cause blackheads, which are likely to develop into acne spots. Another clue – look for the words ‘non-comedogenic’ and/or “non-acnegenic” on the labels.

Also opt for proven effective acne and spot ingredients such as salicylic acid. This anti-inflammatory beta hydroxy acid gets rid of excess oil and dead skin cells, so is ideal for skins that are prone to clogged pores and blemishes.

Dimethicone is another good ingredient for oily, acne prone skin because it helps absorb excess oil and minimize appearance of enlarged skin pores. It can also help diminish skin redness and minimize irritation. A win-win.

Note: There are a lot of users having acne prone skin who have reported adverse reactions to Dimethicone. So use dimethicone-containing products with caution.

Best Of The Best Non Comedogenic Foundations For Oily & Acne Prone Skin – Offering Full Coverage

Don’t buy a makeup product solely based on the marketing hype that the sellers or manufactures do to promote their products.

We rounded up the following dermatologist recommended top 20 foundations for acne prone skin. These will ensure – no more pore-clogging, skin-irritation, face-drying, which will not only avert future acne breakouts but will help remove your existing acne too.

Read on to choose the right foundation for your skin type out of the following dermatologists recommended best foundations for oily, acne prone skin.

# 1

Almay Liquid Makeup, Ivory – best liquid foundation for oily skin

This dermatologist-tested foundation is truly a long-stay liquid foundation – just imagine up to 16 hours. This foundation provides a base to help you with almost full coverage and also double up as a nourishing moisturizer as well because of the presence of anti-oxidants.

Suitable For: All skin types ranging from combination to oily to dry -except for excessively oily skin.


A great product to conceal acne marks and scars for up to 16 hours, so really a long-wearing foundation.

Especially designed using vitamin E that helps smooth skin texture, and lemon extract to brighten up skin complexion practically throughout the whole day with real natural radiance.

Provides flawless maximum coverage that won’t goes off even in heat & humidity.                                                                                                                                  CLICK FOR PRICE

Formulated with Zinc Oxide, which is known for its ability to tighten skin pores and averting sebum buildup, further cutting down the chances of developing blackheads and pimples.

A non-comedogenic & hypoallergenic makeup product, so good for sensitive skin.


A low SPF-15 product – meaning it doesn’t provide enough protection from Sun.

Does not last long on oily skins in very high humidity and might lead to acne breakouts in some cases.

How To Use?

(i) Use a sponge to apply and blend until even.

(ii) If you have oily skin & feel greasy, apply a good quality mineral powder for a matte finish.


# 2

Clinique Liquid Foundation For Acne

Clinique Anti-Blemish is a casual wear foundation, which while hiding acne breakouts, acne marks & scars provides an impeccable finish.

Suitabe For: All skin types, from oily to dry. Might not work good on extremely dry skin.


This weightless texture product feels silky. Sets promptly to provide a subtle appearance and also prevents the skin pores from getting blocked.

Being a non-comedogenic foundation, it’s perfect for severe acne such as cysts and nodules. Improves skin tone as well and provides a healthy look to your skin.

While providing flawless matte finish, it conceals all the acne marks on your face & can be really useful when you are in need of immediate solution for a special day.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  CLICK FOR PRICE

Offers a wide range of shades for lighter to darker skin tones.


Due to presence salicylic acid, very dry skin can suffer acne breakout as it  may aggravate the dryness further.

Contains denatured alcohol, so may cause reaction if you are allergic to it.

Because of peculiar pH of sensitive skin, the shade tone may change to orangish due to oxidation.


(i) Apply the base coat with a damp sponge.

(ii) If you feel your skin is drying out, use a moisturizer underneath & blend well.


# 3

COVERGIRL& Olay Ageless 3-in-1 Non Comedogenic & Anti Aging Liquid Foundation

Cover Girl plus Olay foundation is a 3 in 1 formula that immediately conceals all discolorations, age spots, fine lines & wrinkles and helps to improve skin tone over time.

Suitable For: Oily to combination skin except for very sensitive skin & oily skin.


While hydrating the skin, it immediately conceals age spots, wrinkles, discoloration, and improves skin tone over time.

Gives a creamy velvety feel, more like of a moisturizer than a foundation and does not block pores minimizing chances of acne.

Provides a perfect canvas for a flawless makeup, also covers all the deeps acne scars and blemishes.

Anti-Aging liquid foundation available in varying shades ranging from light to tan                                                                                                                                                  CLICK FOR PRICE

Formulated with lightweight serum-moisturizers that help active ingredients to penetrate deeper into the skin.


Doesn’t contain any sun screen ingredient to provide sun protection.

Contains Cyclopentasiloxane that might irritate sensitive skin.

How To Use?

(i) Use a sponge to apply and even out.

(ii) Do not use the powder available in the pack on sensitive or dry skin.


# 4

CoverGirl Aquasmooth Translucent Compact Foundation

Cover Girl Aquasmooth pressed powder foundation is a dermatologist tested, all in one foundation – because it not only works to perfectly conceal skin imperfections but also contains necessary vitamins, antioxidants, moisturizers & sun-protection.

Suitable For: All types of skin from oily to combination to dry. Avoid using on excessively dry skin.


Has smooth texture – provides total coverage, does not easily melt off in heat.

Has essential vitamins like vitamin B-3, B-5 and vitamin E to keep the skin moisturized.

Has Titanium dioxide, which is good for acne prone, sensitive type skins.

Contains SPF-15 plus UVA & UVB sunscreen to save acne prone skin from excessive oil production.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        CLICK FOR PRICE

Being hypoallergenic, it’s good for sensitive skin.

Doesn’t block pores cutting down the chances of breeding of acne causing bacteria.


 Can turns cakey on dry skins because it’s oil-free.

How To Use?

Avoid leaving damp sponge in the container because it leads to acne-causing bacteria thrive.


# 5

E.L.F. Flawless Oil-Free Acne Fighting Foundation

elf foundation is particularly meant for acne prone skin. It contains acne fighting ingredients like Salicylic acid, Tea Tree and soothing aloe. It provides flawless coverage concealing all the blemishes and redness.

Suitable For: All types of skin especially sensitive & acne prone skin.


Effectively conceals all the acne or nodules.

Provides a beautiful semi-matte finish, while NOT highlighting wrinkles – that lasts all day even in humid weather conditions.

Not only prevents oil production and evens skin tone, but also being light weight and oil-free formula – it does not block pores letting your skin to breathe more easily.

Contains Salicylic Acid that helps remove dead skin cells and reduce redness or inflammation.                                                                                                                    CLICK FOR PRICE

New SPF 15 that helps prevent sun burns. Can be applied in all weather conditions.


Contains slight irritants such as camphor bark oil and witch hazel water, which may cause irritation to skin in rare cases.

Its pH is not low enough for the Salicylic Acid to act as an exfoliator and adverse reaction may occur in random cases.

You may not like its smell due to the presence of acne fighting ingredients.

How To Use?

(i) Apply a pea-sized amount of foundation using a soft brush.

(ii) In case the foundation looks too matte dust it with powder to balance.


# 6

Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place Dual Purpose Liquid Foundation

Estee Lauder plays a dual role – acts primarily as a foundation and also as a sunscreen. Truly a 2 in 1 formula: makeup base & sun protection.

Suitable For: All types of Skin.


Full coverage matte makeup foundation. Stays in place up to 15 hours, providing a flawless base & natural look concealing all pesky pimples.

Holds fort; does not melt off even in high temperatures.

Has SPF 10 and also prevents even sensitive skin from breakouts.

Can be used all skin types particularly the oily. Contains Trimethylsiloxysilicate that prevents sebum production.

Available in various shades, so make sure that you select according to your skin tone because otherwise it can make acne prominent instead of hiding.                                     CLICK FOR PRICE


Being a long stay foundation, needs to be removed with makeup remover. Normal face wash won’t work and may cause acne break out.

Contains Dimethicone that can cause random allergic reactions and breakouts.

How To Use?

(i) Take small amount of liquid on a sponge & pat lightly on skin to apply.

(ii) May use a pinch of moisturizer along with the foundation in case you feel excessive dryness.

(iii) Do not rub your face when removing the foundation. Be gentle to avert irritation.


# 7

It Cosmetics Celebration Foundation – Rich Illumination

Skin enhancing formula that provides illuminized flawless finish – just in less than 30 seconds! It’s a kind of full coverage, anti-Aging Foundation.

Suiable For: Oily to combination skin, including sensitive skin types.


Immensely pigmented powder foundation. It covers post acne marks and blemishes, lasting whole day.

Contains skin friendly ingredients such as anti-aging collagen, peptides & anti-oxidants to ensure wrinkle free skin.                                                                                     CLICK FOR PRICE

Provides a lit-from-within glow without having to use glitter or shimmer.

Neither makes your skin look greasy nor does it clog pores, thus prevents bacteria build-up on the skin.

Good for even sensitive skin because of the presence of Zinc Oxide, which prevents skin irritation and allergic reactions.

Talc free, sodium lauryl sulfate free, paraben free, petrolatum free, mineral oil free, phthalates free, synthetic fragrance free and cruelty free.


Some users have reported that its use leads to dryness or rashes on dry skins & makes the pores look larger.

Powder may sink in creases & fine lines causing skin crepe, thereby revealing the scars and blemishes.

How To Use?

(i) Buff in circular sweeping motion, then down & upward for good results.

(ii) Allow the primers & concealers get fully dry before applying powder.


# 8

Laura Mercier Oil Free Silk Creme Foundation

Formulated with a high pigment load, this Silk Crème Foundation is rich with luminous essence that provides full coverage up to 12 hours, hiding even hard-to-cover skin imperfections.

Suitable For: Combination to dry skin. Very effective for sensitive skin too, including Rosacea & hyper-pigmentation.


This highly pigmented, great performance, hydrating crème, light weight foundation offers a long lasting flawless, radiant canvas for makeup.

Formulated with silk powders to even tone the skin that has been suffering from pimples, scars and blemishes.

The presence of glycerin helps keep the skin moisture balanced along with Green and Black Tea Extracts that nurture the skin with powerful anti-oxidants.                                                                                                                                                                CLICK FOR PRICE

Provides long-lasting moisture to the skin, so protects from dryness.

Doesn’t clog pores and reduces the possibility of acne production because of sebum-production.

Fragrance-free, so suitable for sensitive skin also.


Does not blend well and tend to cake on OILY SKIN, so the marks and blemishes are likely to remain uncovered. Moreover, when used on oily skin, the pimples are not covered fully.

Its shades range is of warm red tones that do not go well with pale skin tones.

How To Use?

(i) Dab onto back of your hand & use narrow end of a sponge and apply to face.

(ii) Set with a translucent loose setting powder.


# 9

LORAC Sheer Porefection Light Weight Foundation For Acne

This broad-spectrum foundation provides a poreless-looking, silky-smooth finish and makes your complexion porefection with lorac. Being free from oil, fragrance and parabens, it is safe for delicate skin

Suitable For: All skin types, including sensitive and acne prone skin.


Formulated with anti-aging antioxidants of vitamins A and E, olive leaf, lemon & papaya fruit extracts to soothe, rejuvenate & nourish your skin.

While providing clean, natural, no-makeup feel and look, its lightweight formula keeps your skin healthy, youthful and radiant.

While providing sun protection due to presence of active ingredients that absorb UV rays, it hides acne marks.

Being a non-comedogenic product, it neither causes overproduction of sebum, nor clog pores – minimizing chances            of bacterial infection.                                                                                                                                             CHECK PRICE                                                                                                                                                                                                           It’s oil, fragrance and parabens free makeup, so is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive and acne prone skin.


Lasts for 6 to 7 hours only depending upon temperature and humidity levels.

On oily skin, this foundation can give quite a bit of slick feeling and might lead to oil production causing breakouts.

To some users, the price may look high.

How To Use?

(i) Pump out small amount of foundation and apply with a sponge, brush or fingertips.

(ii) If your skin is excessively dry then apply a little bit of LORAC primer before applying this POREfection foundation. However, you can apply the foundation directly on combination skin.


# 10

L’Oréal Paris Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation For Acne

L’Oreal Paris Pro-Matte long-wearing liquid light foundation is a light product that lasts up to 24 hours. While hiding imperfections, this creamy foundation provides smooth, clear complexion with matte finish.

Suitable For: Combination to oily skin.


This air-light, oil-free liquid foundation provides a matte finish that won’t fall flat, lasting up to 24 hours.

Creamy product with high water content on one hand helps control oily complexion, on the other hand it keeps skin well hydrated. While gliding onto skin and it provides maximum comfort all day long.

While resisting sweat, heat, and humidity, it doesn’t melt off even in humidity and high temperatures – so neither will not reveal scars, nor break outs.                                                                                                                                                                  CLICK FOR PRICE

Provides protection from Sun, even to sensitive and oily skins and decreases the chance of excessive sebum production &  acne breakout or skin collagen damage.

Provides medium coverage, and while smoothing pores it hides imperfections for a clear, smooth complexion.


 Needs a makeup remover to remove it because normal face wash won’t work & rubbing is likely to cause irritation and breakouts.

Some users have reported that it dries out quickly, which does not allow the foundation to blend properly – resulting into pimples and acne getting not covered.

Some users complaint it smells like wall paint or acrylic paint.

How To Use?

(i) Apply the foundation with your fingers, a sponge blender, or makeup brush – starting from the centre of your face & moving outwards. Or you may use a damp beauty blender for a perfect application.

(ii) Blend it fast before it dries.

(iii) Use a makeup remover to wash it off, instead of a normal face wash.


# 11

Ultra HD Invisible Cover Liquid Foundation For Acne Prone Skin

This bestselling invisible, comfortable, natural looking “HD Foundation Make Up” for ever is especially formulated to meet the TV industry’s highly advanced technology. This cover foundation creates the best flawless skin complexion both on and off camera. Provides entirely invisible even under the latest super-focused 4k lens.

Suitable For: All skin types, except oily skin or individuals who have skin allergy to Sodium Hyaluronate.


Long lasting foundation up to 12 hours makes it appropriate for HD camera technology.

Light weight liquid foundation that blends and covers acne prone skin effortlessly.

Due to its uniquely coated pigments, it conceals blemishes and provides medium coverage that looks overall just like natural skin.

Remarkable shade range, varying from super fair to very deep for camouflaging the acne as per your skin tone making it less visible.


Outstanding fluid formula providing a satin look, making it suitable for combination to slightly dry skin (including acne prone).

Light fragrance lowering the possibilities of skin irritation and acne breakouts for those who have suffered in the past.


Not suitable for very oily skin because it does not absorb any oil and may cause acne breakouts.

Does not oxidize, so needs touch-ups in between.

Provides humble natural look instead of enhancing look for some special occasion.

How To Use?

(i) Apply using a damp sponge applicator on dry skin.

(ii) Don’t apply hard when layering onto areas having freckles.

(iii) In case you feel excessively moisturized, dust translucent powder.


# 12

Maybelline New York Dream Smooth Mousse Foundation

Dermatologist tested Maybelline New York Dream Smooth Mousse Foundation is a unique lightweight cream whipped foundation that provides perfect moisturizing 100% baby smooth coverage. It blends seamlessly and feels fresh all day.

Suitable For: Combination to dry skins. Not suitable for oily skin.


Long lasting lightweight foundation that provides incredible moisturizing coverage to keep your skin feeling hydrated for 14 hours, never rough or dry preventing breakouts and skin irritation.

Being an oil-free non-comedogenic formula, neither amplify pores and nor clog – minimizing the risk of greasy skin leading to acne.

While providing heavy to medium coverage, it covers blemishes & hyper-pigmentation seamlessly and feels fresh all day.

Dermatologist tested & Allergy tested.                                                                                         CLICK FOR PRICE

Oil free, fragrance free and safe for even sensitive skin.

Relatively low price product for its quality.


The color range of this foundation seems too dark for the porcelain or white-skinned people.

Not good for very oily skin because it might melt and smudge.

Not advised for the people suffering from intense acne or cysts because it can clog pores and cause development of zits.

How To Use?

(i) Blend outward from the center of the face.

(ii) Blend well around the jawline & hairline.

(iii) Set with a powder for best finish.


# 13

Maybelline New York Fit Me Matte Non Comedogenic Poreless Powder Foundation

Fit Me is Maybelline’s mattifying powder provides pore less natural looking foundation lasting up to 12 hours. This ultra-light foundation matches natural tones and texture of normal to oily skin with long lasting shine control.

Suitable For: Oily to normal skin and sensitive skin as well.


Provides complete coverage & perfect matte skin lasting up to 12 hours for a natural, pore less-looking finish.

Does not block skin pores curtailing the risk of bacteria breeding in your skin.

Ultra-lightweight oil-free foundation that prevents sebum production and is suitable for normal to oily skin.

While erasing pores and matching tone, it provides matte finish. Also does not get cakey or    flakey.                                                                                                                                                      Click For Price

Does a good job in covering pimples because it can be worn on liquid foundation and concealer.


Not suitable for excessively oily skins.

Contains perlite, so can cause allergic reactions or rashes on skin if you are allergic to perlite. Although, it does not absorb into skin but can result into dryness.

How To Use?

(i) Blot the powder over excessive oily areas of your face, using the applicator provided with the kit.

(ii) Use gentle downward strokes to blend.


# 14

Missha M Perfect Cover – BB Cream, Natural Beige

Missha M Perfect Cream foundation is a perfect amalgamation of cosmetics with skin care and has soothing and regenerative properties. This makeup base cum foundation provides natural looking coverage, protection from Sun and treats dark spots while preventing wrinkles.

Suitable For: All types of skin, including sensitive skin.


While covering blemishes and red zits, it makes your skin look gorgeous and radiant.

The presence of SPF-42 provides great protection from Sun.

Controls oil production and prevents pimples formation.

Contains Gatuline RC, Hyaluronic Acids and Ceramide that help proper moisturization, improves elasticity of acne prone skin and prevents wrinkles.

Can be used as a makeup base or foundation on all skin types.                                                    CLICK FOR PRICE


Not very effective in concealing dark spots & blemishes on older skins.

Prone to oxidization on excessively oily skins due to presence of Zinc Oxide as one of the ingredients.

How To Use?

(i) Pump out the amount as per your needs, and smooth onto skin using your preferred method as per your choice: Cleansed fingers, sponge applicator or brush.

(ii) If case of very dry skin, apply a moisturizer before bb cream.


# 15

Neutrogena Skinclearing Makeup For Acne Prone Skin

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Clearing makeup foundation is designed for acne-prone skin that not only treats blemishes, but also helps in preventing acne breakouts. Contains an exclusive blend of antioxidants and sunscreen that keeps healthy and radiant look of the skin.

Suitable For: All types of skin, except those which are allergic to Ethylhexyl Palmitate.


First and only liquid foundation using Micro-Clear technology that can cover all the acne scars & blemishes maintaining your skin moisturized and hydrated.

The presence of antioxidants like vitamin E boost skin’s luminosity & provide natural, breathable coverage that help in healing acne-prone skin.

Light weight formula containing broad-spectrum SPF-20 that protects skin from Sun’s harmful UV rays and helps prevent over production of sebum, which can other wise can aggravate acne.                                                                                               CLICK FOR PRICE

Created by dermatologists, this oil-free formula contains salicylic acid that controls shine as well as unclog pores.

The range of shades is exciting, for slightly dry to normal and oily skin.


Contains Ethylhexyl Palmitate, a comedogenic substance, which might aggravate your acne if you have suffered any allergic reactions in the past.

Its another ingredient methylisothiazolinone has a history of causing sensitized reactions.


# 16

Oxygenetix Oxygenating Full Coverage Spf-25 Foundation

Oxygenetic Foundation was originally basically designed for medical use on burns and scars. Known as Acne Control Foundation, it has no added occlusive oils, water, fragrance or preservatives and effectively treats and conceals acne breakouts – leaving your skin look beautiful, healthy, breathable and flawless.

Suitable For: All types of skin, particularly sensitive skin.


Formulated with the patented breathable matrix – Ceravitae, an advanced complex and aloe vera leaf juice, it supplies oxygen direct to the compromised skin cells.

The unique oxygenated formula helps promote healthy collagen growth, making it perfect regardless if you have perfect skin, rosacea, acne, or very sensitive skin.

An SPF 25 foundation that provides protection from Sun, reducing the chances of acne breakout.                                                                                                                                             CLICK FOR PRICE

Free of fragrance, oils, dyes and parabens and this breathable lightweight foundation is hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, non-irritating, doctor tested and approved formula.

Being water-resistant, it stays in place hiding blemishes even at the gym or on a run. You can sweat through it, or swim a few laps, but it stays keeping you looking great.


Excessively oily skins might make this foundation feel sticky and greasy.

Price is slightly on higher side because of its oxygenating functioning.

Shades are too pale for darker tones.

How To Use?

(i) Apply evenly using clean sponge or fingertips.

(ii) Blend until even.

(ii) To get maximum coverage, apply more if needed.


# 17

Rimmel Soft Matte Powder Finish Foundation For Naturally Flawless Look

A feather-light liquid mousse formula that blends flawlessly, leaving your skin silky and smooth. Controls shine all day, providing perfectly matte, baby-soft finish. Silky smooth formula, good in minimizing the appearance of the skin pores.

Suitable For: Perfect for oily to combination skin.


While minimizing the appearance of pores, it blends flawlessly to provide a natural-looking yet photo-ready finish. Stops shine for hours and even out skin tone, leaving your face baby soft all day long.

Lightweight textured, the long-lasting fluid formula that doesn’t feel heavy or greasy, prepares for matte perfection and conceals imperfections for hours.

Provides long-staying make up base, unaffected by excessive temperatures – making it perfect for acne prone skin.


Oil free (non-comedogenic product) and hence best for oily skins. Due to the presence of silicones like Cyclopentasiloxane that are hypoallergenic, this foundation doesn’t cause allergic reactions to sensitive skin.

Available in a wide range of shades that compliment any skin tone and can conceal any pimples or blemishes on your skin.

Fragrance-free, a bonus point for the sensitive acne prone skin.


Can turn cakey & heavy on dry skins and may cause breakouts.

May not blend easily, if not applied in the right way.

How To Use?

(i) Use a brush to apply it in stippling motion.

(ii) Apply a moisturizer underneath the foundation to prevent cakey appearance.


# 18

Smashbox Camera Ready SPF 30 Broad Spectrum CC Cream

An advanced lightweight formula that that fades away imperfections such as dark spots, sunspots and post acne marks, evens complexion, and averts future discoloration. Neutralizes and brightens skin for a more even complexion.

Suitable For: Combination to Oily Skin and acne prone skin as well.


With SPF 30 broad spectrum, provides moisture without creating excess oil –  thus helps in preventing pimples and acne.

Has proven ability to visibly fades out the appearance of existing dark spots, sunspots, blemishes and post-acne marks instantly and over time.

Non-comedogenic and controls oil production leading to acne.

Available in 5 different shades, suitable for light to medium tan skin tones.

Cons                                                                                                                                   CLICK FOR PRICE

Might look shiny and feel slimy when used on excessively oily skin.

The color range might appear very dark for pale skinned people.

How To Use?

(i) Use a brush to apply wit in stippling motion. Also cover your jawline.

(ii) Add the powder, provided with the product, to the foundation for a matte look.


# 19

Smashbox LIQUID FOUNDATION BROAD SPECTRUM SPF 15 For Acne (Warm Medium Beige)

Sweat- & humidity-resistant, this high definition liquid foundation protects skin from damaging sunrays with SPF 15. Made with using unique 100% Liquid Light Technology. Long-lasting formula that totally evens out skin, while providing buildable sheer-to-medium coverage.

Suitable For: Dry to combination skins and sensitive skin as well.


The presence of active ingredient Octinoxate & SPF-15 provides benefits of broad-spectrum sunscreen & prevention of sebum-production and acne breakout.

Provides good coverage that helps conceal the pimples and imparts a matte look.

Does not block pores, which helps eliminating space for bacteria to thrive.

Reduces the chances of flaky skin & risks of skin rash. Ideal for dry skin because of its moisturizing effect.                                                                                                CLICK FOR PRICE

Lightweight and provides moist, natural, radiant & flawless finish.

Fragrance-free, reduces risk of skin irritation.


Comes with warm-toned shades ranging from golden to peach, might turn color in excessive heat.

On extremely oily skin, it might get slick or greasy that can lead to acne.

Octinoxate being a chemical sunscreen, it might cause skin irritation.

How To Use?

(i) Use smash powder with this foundation for touch-ups or if it gets greasy.

(ii) Discontinue its use, in case any skin irritation occurs due to Octinoxate.


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Too Faced Born This Way Foundation VANILLA

An oil-free cream formula foundation, provides undetectable coverage and a natural-looking, radiant, flawless complexion – so much so that you can’t notice the makeup or the imperfections.

Suitable For: Oily Skin


Provides natural coverage that covers up uneven tones like blotchy areas, post-acne red marks and redness.

Infused with coconut water to restore moisture levels naturally; nature’s lively alpine rose to brighten skin and boost elasticity; and hyaluronic acid for providing youthful and smoother appearance.

Oil free, so won’t result into excessive oiliness on your skin.

Fragrance free – meaning it’s suitable for acne prone and sensitive skin also.

Cons                                                                                                                                             CLICK FOR PRICE

When worn for a long time, it can turn greasy on oily skin and on combination skin too (t-zone).

On oily skin, it does not stay long and can melt off easily.

How To Use?

(i) Use a sponge applicator to apply it and blend well.

(ii) Dust a little bit of setting powder for a perfect blend (for combination skin).


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