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Is Your skin acne prone? Fed up with with frequent acne breakouts? Follow this DIY two parts acne treatment system to make your skin look clear and smooth.

Are you struggling with acne? You have been taking all precautions to the extent that you almost don’t wear makeup, and if you ever wear it then get the makeup off as soon as possible, wash your face with specific stuff, and so on. But acne still bugs you and you are frustrated!

So you need something a little stronger to keep your skin under control. I have created a universal healing treatment – a homemade system that really works to keep skin mostly clear and smooth. A few days of this diy treatment can improve your acne problem. And if you make sure to use it regularly – It’s so effective that it will keep your skin under control devoid of any acne breakout.

Homemade Acne Salve Treatment To Keep Your Acne Prone Skin Under Control

This acne salve treatment comprises of two parts. Both parts require no equipment. Both are easy methods. However, Part 2 is more effective. However, you can use both.

Part 1: Oil Cleansing Method To Wash Your Face

Does it sounds strange to you? Since the oily skin tends to acne breakout. But this honestly works. The castor oil in this fusion helps to break up the dirt and “bad” oil without stripping the skin of the “good” oil (dirt and bad oil can cause problems to skin). The apricot oil calms red skin, smoothens fine lines, and nourishes skin.

You will need:

(i) Castor oil: 1 oz.

(ii) Apricot oil: 2 oz.


(i) Mix the above two ingredients in a 4-oz. glass bottle. Shake the bottle well to combine the oils. That’s all.

(ii) Using your fingers spread a small amount of oil over your dry face.

(iii) Soak a washcloth in hot water, and wring out the water. Place the washcloth over your face for about one minute. The steam will open up your skin pores. Rinse the washcloth again and repeat this process two times more.

(iv) Get the washcloth wet with hot water, and use it to exfoliate your face gently.

(v) Finally rinse the washcloth in cold water, and gently pat your face with the cold washcloth to close the skin pores.

Voila, that’s all! It takes just 4-5 minutes.

Part 2 – Use Acne Salve

The final step is to apply acne salve. It’s very quick to put together, and very easy to use.

You need only 4 ingredients:

(i) Apricot oil: 1 ½ oz. (3 tablespoon); it smoothens fine lines, wrinkles and repairs damaged skin. Also helps fight acne.

(ii) Neroli oil: 15 drops; it repairs damaged skin, balances oil, fights acne, It’s very concentrated, use not more than 15 drops.

(iii) Turmeric powder: 1/2 teaspoon; turmeric root powder reduces inflammation, redness, and heals existing acne.

(iv) Beeswax: 1 teaspoon; its purpose is to emulsify.


(i) Put the apricot oil and beeswax in a small saucepan. Place the pan over very low heat and combine the two ingredients together.

(ii) Once the beeswax is melted, add in the neroli oil and turmeric root powder. Stir the mixture so that the ingredients are combined completely.

(iii) Transfer the concoction into a 3-oz. stainless steel tin and allow it to cool completely. Once the liquid cools down to room temperature then put the lid on and tighten it.  Affix a label on the tin so that you don’t forget what it is!  You can simply use a permanent marker to write on the lid.

How To Use Acne Salve?

After you have washed your face using the oil cleansing method as mentioned in Part 1 above, apply a small amount of the acne salve over your face in a very thin layer. As it does take some time to get absorbed, so preferably you can do it before bed. When you wake up in morning, your skin will be amazingly soft but not at all oily.

If you follow this routine, you will notice the difference with in a couple of weeks.

I recommend that you follow both parts of the above routine to get the best results. You will be surprised to see how fast your skin heals.

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The above acne salve treatment takes care of even the dry/itchy skin and helps heal faster. It really is an effective treatment to help lessen redness and improve the overall look of the skin.

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Note: As you’ll only need a very thin layer, so the above quantity will last a long time. Store the remaining quantity in dark, cool place.

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