All Natural Face Wash For Acne
Effective Natural Face Cleansers For Acne

Natural acne cleansers are easy on your skin, unlike the marketed ones that may contain harsh chemicals. The homemade cleansers are made by using natural ingredients, and so good for sensitive skin and even acne prone skin.

If you are interested in using effective skin cleansers without toxic and chemical ingredients, keep reading!

1. Oatmeal – An Effective Natural Cleanser For Acne: Oatmeal cleansing is a wonderful and effective cleanser for skin, including acne prone. It’s anti-inflammatory and naturally high in vitamins, thus ideal to use for treating redness and inflammation caused by acne. Make your own acne treatment cleanser by soaking oatmeal in hot water. Let the oatmeal mixture cool down. Take some mixture in your hand, rub your hands and gently massage it all over your face. Take a washcloth soaked in hot water and lay it on your face after doing the oatmeal cleanse and let it steam your pores until it gets cold, and afterward gently rub to exfoliate your skin too. This way you will really get even the hardest makeup off. You can do it twice daily.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar – Natural Cleanser Cum Toner: This is an effective solution for acne and many other skin issues. It has mild exfoliating acids that work to calm acne and balance the skin’s pH levels too.

(i) Mix well 1 part of apple cider vinegar and 3 parts of water. Dab the solution onto your face to cleanse, using a cotton pad or ball.

(ii) Alternatively, spray your face with a mixture of 2/3 alcohol free witch hazel and 1/3 raw apple cider vinegar twice a day, one in the morning and one in the evening.

3. Castor Oil – Oil Cleansing Method: You can make this oil cleansing mixture, by using a combo of castor oil and grape seed oil in equal parts with a few drops of tea tree and lemongrass oils added in the mix for their antibacterial properties. In case you have an active breakout then add in a little neem oil as well to the mix to help dry up and heal the acne spots. Simply, place some amount of this oil mix into your hands, rub them together, and then massage it all over your face, including your eyes as this mix is even good for removing eye makeup. Let the mixture sit on your face as long as can. The longer you allow it to sit, the better it breaks up and dissolves makeup and grime. When finished, get water as hot as you can bear, soak a washcloth in the water, wring it out, and lay it over your face. Repeat this steaming process 2 -3 times, and then wipe the oil off your face and eyes with the washcloth. Follow up with a cotton pad soaked in apple cider vinegar as a toner.

4. Olive Oil: It may sound weird to put on oil on your already oily acne prone skin. But many people don’t know this amazing oil has been used for many years as a natural cleanser and is useful as a home acne remedy. To use it, place a little bit of olive oil on your hands, and gently massage on to your face using your finger tips for about 1-2 minutes. Cover your face with a steamy towel. The steam will help to open pores and loosen the impurities lying inside the pores. When the towel cools down, simply use it to wipe off the impurities and remaining oil from your face.

5. Honey – Natural Acne Face Wash: Honey is another great natural face wash for acne. Honey has antibacterial properties that help control the acne breakouts. Although, it gets rid of excessive oil but then leaves the skin hydrated. Raw honey is a perfect face product–moisturizing, antibacterial, tastes good–and you can add in some baking soda if you need some exfoliation.

(i) You can simply massage organic honey onto your face and let it stay on for about 15 minutes. Rinse it off with lukewarm water, and pat dry your face. A good time to use this mask is apply it before taking a warm bath after a long hectic day work and just relax and enjoy a sound sleep.

(ii) Alternatively, slightly dampen your fingers, and simply massage about 1/2 tea spoon of organic honey all over your dry face in the morning and then rinse it off.

Using these natural face cleansers for acne work so much better for the acne prone skin than those pricy, chemicals laden cleansers available on the market.

Do you use any natural face cleanser which you would like to share with me and all readers?

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